Butterscotch Records

"Beauty Pill Describes" 192k Hi-Res Special Masters


Specially prepared masters under the guidance of label-head Allen Farmelo. Less compressed for full immersive, 3D listening.

This offer contains:

-01 Drapetomania 24bit-192kHz
-02 Afrikaner Barista 24bit-192kHz
-03 Ann The Word 24bit-192kHz
-04 Steven and Tiwonge 24bit-192kHz
-05 Aint A Jury In The World Gon Convict You Baby 24bit-192kHz
-06 Exit Without Saving 24bit-192kHz
-07 The Prize 24bit-192kHz
-08 Dog With Rabbit In Mouth Unharmed 24bit-192kHz
-09 For Pretend 24bit 192kHz
-10 When Cornered 24bit-192kHz
-11 Near Miss Stories 24bit-192kHz
-12_Ann The Word (Lungfish Cover) 24bit 192kHz
-Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are (CD COVER)
-Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are (Digital Liner Notes)

Audio Format Options:
-Source Audio

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